The ZII Foundation is currently accepting tax-deductible donations in support of our charitable efforts. We are also seeking relationships with corporations, businesses, organizations and other entities that are moved by our mission and goals and are willing to sponsor our philanthropic efforts.

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Epic is a franchise of diverse fundraising experiences in support of the epic mission of the ZII Foundation - to uplift the communities of the Philadelphia metropolitan area with a focus on youth development, health, social action and other unmet areas of need. The Foundation tirelessly works to simultaneously raise funds and rapidly invest them in noteworthy community programs carried out by the Zeta Iota Iota chapter of Omega Psi Phi and other causes with a similar mission.

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Learn more about becoming a Fundraising Event Sponsor​.


The ZII Foundation is currently accepting tax-deductible donations in support of our charitable efforts. You can specify your donation by naming it in the purpose section.


Sponsors are typically organizations including, but not limited to, corporations, small businesses, governmental entities, and other non-profit organizations. Sponsors can make an indelible impact on the causes invested in by the Foundation in the following ways:

By becoming a ZII Foundation Partner Sponsor

...a sustaining sponsor and partner of the Foundation:

  • in general fulfillment of our mission and goals,

  • in direct in support of one or more of our charitable causes (ZII Youth Education & Development, ZII Health, ZII Social Action, or other noteworthy community causes), and/or

  • in support of one or more ZII fundraising events over time.

By becoming a Fundraising Event Sponsor

...increasing the amount of proceeds from ZII fundraising events going to our charitable causes by "sponsoring" some or all of the expenses incurred to put on one or more of those events. In return, the Fundraising Event Sponsor benefits from:

  • increased awareness of its brand, mission, goals, products or services through promotions leading up to, during, and following events; and

  • opportunities to engage directly with the events' target audiences on-site at the events


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